Everyone has a financial surprise at some point in their lives. In such times, it is important to have a financial partner who will be able to service you with a loan immediately. Logbookloanmarket.com is here for you to ensure that those financial moments do not catch you unaware and rob you the simple joy and pleasure of life.

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Do you know how much you qualify for? You will be surprised to find out that you could get up to £ 50,000 depending on the present value of your car. Click the tab below and get to know your loan limit.

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Who is eligible to apply for the loan?

To apply for a V5 loan with logbookloanmarket.com, one has to have a vehicle registered under their name. be above 22 years of age and having a sustainable source of income.

We do not discriminate against those with a poor credit history or those who have been filed for bankruptcy. Our motto is to provide you with instant cash when you need it.

V5 loan
With us you get
  • An all purpose loan for any need that you have
  • Fast cash when you need it within just 24 hours
  • Affordable APR rates which are discounted should you pay early
  • Flexible loan payback rates

  • Apply for the loan in just three easy steps
  • Visit our online portal to submit an online application
  • Verification of submitted application
  • Get loan safely in your account

  • you get a log book loan to finance your
  • Immediate financial need
  • A loan to repay all your debts
  • A loan to expand your personal business
  • A loan that will help you make strides in personal growth
  • For making extensive purchases
Why borrow from us and not a financial institution?

We have shortened the loan approval times to just minutes and you do not have to wonder if your loan has been approved. In just thirty minutes you are able to know if your loan has been approved.

We do not need to inform your employer that you have a loan with us as long as you keep to your end of the agreement.

We are reliable and have serviced over 3000 plus people with loans and so you can be sure that with us you are in safe hands

We accommodate flexible loan payback plans that enable you to pay back loans without strain

We do not turn you away for having bad credit scores or bankrupt. We work with you to ensure that you improve your credit scores

We take in both employed and self employed persons and you can rest assured that whatever need you have, we will sort you out.


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